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Чудова робота! дякую за висвітлення важливих соціальних проблем. Продовжуйте в томуж напрямку.

Дякую за відгук! Радий, що Вам сподобалось. Намагатимусь тримати марку )


I can't say I "enjoyed" this game exactly but I can say how strongly I appreciated it--both for its ideology and the marriage of mechanics and text. It's really powerfully executed. I played this yesterday and have been thinking about it since.

Standout moments:

  • The experience of signing the contract
  • The palette and environment change whenever you are warned about your "infractions"
  • The final section, with all the individuals coming together after you speak with them
  • The final text, the call to action
  • Also, shout out to the language select screen, so impressive!

Thanks for making and sharing!


Wow, thank you for the detailed feedback!

I'm glad you've liked the contract section, this was literally the first thing I clearly envisioned and implemented in the game. 

Also glad you liked the part with the skeletons! This was harder to come up with and took quite a lot of work but was worth it in the end.

As for the language select screen, I have decided from now on to make it a constant feature in my games. It's crucial that Ukrainian and Russian speakers are able to play this game too since it directly concerns them.


whoa right away the language selection is really cool!! and the way your progressed the game and the visuals highlighting your words.. its really really good and powerful especially the ending!


Thank you! I decided to make a lang select screen a permanent feature of my games, and I'm glad you found it cool! Working on it is a separate challenge each time, but if this means that more people will play the game and hear the message - than it is worth it.


What a masterpiece! I am astonished at the attention to detail you put into this and all the creative ways you used bitsy!
My hope is with the Ukrainian people to build a better future when this war is finally over.
And fuck capitalists & corporations who use this war for their own selfish interests!


Wow, thank you for all your kind words! Your praise is significant to me, coming from a fellow Bitsy creator. And thanks for your wish for a better future for our people. We will do our best!


I really like this, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts! I'm glad you've enjoyed my game :)


Клевая игра! Мне понравились последние две сцены. Очень кинематографичные.


Спасибо! Было интересно делать такие интерактивные анимации в Битси.